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Article: How do you avoid pigment spots?

Hur undviker du pigmentfläckar?

How do you avoid pigment spots?

Tips for those who want to prevent pigment spots:

Fortunately, pigmentation is somewhat preventable and sun protection is the best preventative measure


Use a high sun protection factor every day all year round, either in the form of day cream with sun protection factor or sunscreen.

If you use a day cream with high and broad spectrum sun protection, sun protection is baked into your daily skin care routine. It couldn't be simpler.


Choose products with broad spectrum UV protection that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Protection against UVB rays is indicated by SFP, while protection against UVA rays is indicated by a separate UVA label.


Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Remember to lubricate yourself often.


Sun protection comes in other forms than sunscreen – Caps and sun hats, sunglasses and shades also provide protection against UV rays, and therefore against pigment spots.

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What are pigment spots?

Pigmentation covers several conditions. In popular parlance, pigment spots have become synonymous with melasma, which is the type of pigment spots that most often appear on the face in women.

The pigment spots get their dark color from a protein in the skin called melanin. The dark color of the pigment spots is influenced, among other things, by the amount of melanin. Darker skin produces more melanin than light skin and therefore has an easier time developing pigment spots than lighter skin. Your skin color is also determined by how much melanin is produced in the skin.

Why do you get pigment spots?

Sun exposure without sun protection is the most important cause of pigment spots. Areas of the face such as the cheekbones, nose, temple, hairline, forehead and upper lip are particularly vulnerable, but also other areas where sun exposure is high, such as the neck and the back of the hand.

Other factors that are important are genetic factors, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy and in birth control pill users, inflammatory conditions in the skin and scars. If you are pregnant or using birth control pills, you should therefore pay extra attention to sun protection.

When to contact a doctor?

The vast majority of pigment spots are harmless, but pigment spots that are multi-colored, black, have an irregular shape or surface, and any ulceration should be checked by a doctor.

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