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Skincare that stands out from the crowd

We take great pride in sharing our knowledge and insight into skin care, mechanisms of action and active ingredients. In this way, you can safely choose the right products for your skin.





Enkel och effektiv sommarhudvårdsrutin

Simple and effective summer skin care routine

Enkel och effektiv sommarhudvårdsrutin

Simple and effective summer skin care routine

There are a lot more fun things to spend your time doing on vacation than your skin care routine. It can be tempting to skip the evening make-up, please read here before you do it: During the day, ...

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5 tips som förebygger rynkor

5 tips that prevent wrinkles

These simple tips will help you prevent wrinkles. Do you use sunscreen all year round? Then you are far away. Of course, there are many other measures that prevent premature aging, but one of the m...

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Vad är vitamin A? Och varför används det i hudvård?

What is Vitamin A? And why is it used in skin care?

Retinoids are the name of the group of pharmacological substances that have a biological vitamin A activity. The group consists of natural forms of so-called derivatives of vitamin A, as well as sy...

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Detta behöver du veta om serum!

This is what you need to know about serums!

WHAT IS A SERUM? We get quite a few questions about serums. What exactly is a serum? Why are these drops so important? How are they used? As a consumer, you can therefore easily get lost in the ser...

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Sommarhuden älskar denna ingrediens - Niacinamid

Summer skin loves this ingredient - Niacinamide

You've probably heard of Niacinamide before – it's a wonderful ingredient that does a lot of good for our skin. In summer, the skin is exposed to constant stress. UV rays lead to DNA damage and oxi...

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Hur undviker du pigmentfläckar?

How do you avoid pigment spots?

Tips for those who want to prevent pigment spots: Fortunately, pigmentation is somewhat preventable and sun protection is the best preventative measure 01 Use a high sun protection factor eve...

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Anti-Age för män

Anti-Age for men

Dr. Ankerstjerne makes advanced skin care easy to use - even for men. One or two skin care products in your skin care routine is all you need. Are you a man and want to use skin care products that ...

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